Figure Drawing Practice Discussion

I am trying to create a simple practice regimen that will help me to improve my figure drawing skills.  How do you continue to practice your own drawing skills?  If there are specific exercises that you do, please share in the comments below!  I’d love to hear what techniques you have all found that are helpful.

Keep Drawing!


9 thoughts on “Figure Drawing Practice Discussion

  1. I think it´s all about practice and it doesn´t really matter what you draw or paint and in what kind of technique. I wanted to get better at watercolor and painted a watercolor every day for one month. Then I had enough of watercolor and went back to other techniques and found that I had got better in them too, without even practicing them. I went on with ink, oil, pencil, and when I tried out watercolor again after a while, it went a lot better and I hadn´t even practiced it. So practicing something will make you better in everything, I think. You could, for example, draw cars for a while and in the end you will probably find out that your figure drawing skills have also improved. 😊

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    1. Thanks, that makes sense. Most of what I do is pencil, but maybe I should try branching out for a bit into pen or watercolor and see how that improves my overall techniques. I’d love to try oils but they seem so much more complicated.

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      1. I love oils! I thought they would be hard too, but found out they are not at all. To control watercolors was a much bigger challenge to me. And acrylic is much harder in my opinion than oil. Oil stays “wet” a really long time which allows correction over and over again. That´s great at the beginning! It´s just a little “dirty” and “stinky” with the turpentine and all that… But it´s my favorite way to paint! Just try it out – you´ll probably love it!

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  2. I attend an open session at least once a week to draw or paint the figure. Benefit being around other skilled artists who provide feedback and guidance. Good luck!

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