iPad figure sketch using Procreate

Figure Sketch in Procreate

iPad sketch using charcoal brush in Procreate.  

I love the way I was able to edit this so easily compared with traditional paper and charcoal, but I missed the feeling of the charcoal in my hands.  If anyone else works with both traditional mediums and iPad apps, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!  


6 thoughts on “iPad figure sketch using Procreate

  1. I don’t use an iPad but I do use a wacom tablet with a desktop or laptop… I absolutely love the editing abilities using a tablet allows but miss the feel of real charcoal in my hands as well. nothing quite compares to the real thing, although your iPat version looks very convincing!

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      1. I primarily use Corel Paint when drawing and painting on my tablet and Photoshop when manipulating images. Sometimes I play around with a drawing website called psykopaint which can be found at http://www.psykopaint.com/ They recently came out with an iPad app. Psykopaint is a lot of fun… you can paint photos or do original art – it just depends on your skill level. Some of the original art I’ve seen in the galleries is mind blowing but most is people painting photos.

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