Monday Sketch Book

30 minute sketch of woman from Mucha's 1896 "Summer" lithograph.
30 minute sketch of woman from Mucha’s 1896 “Summer” lithograph.

After returning from my trip to Prague at the end of last week, I became determined to learn the Art Nouveau style of drawing women popularized by Alphonse Mucha in the fin-de-siecle Paris.  Thus, my sketchbook has been turned over to making studies from the multitude of artwork produced by Mucha when he was working in his Paris studio.  This particular sketch I completed during a half hour earlier today as I sat down and leafed through the stack of art prints I was able to bring home from Prague.

Just as other artists create their own artwork by learning from the drawings of masters like da Vinci and Michelangelo, I hope to learn from the work of Mucha so that I can create my own artwork that leans on the style of the Art Nouveau.


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