First Watercolor Sketch

Watercolor Butterfly done in watercolor pencils.
Watercolor Butterfly done in watercolor pencils.

Seeing so many great works of art on other blogs has inspired me to try and begin adding color to my own artwork (which have so far been done only in graphite).  I tried a pastel figure drawing using conté crayons last week (see my earlier post for that one).  Today, I decided to give watercolor a shot, using watercolor pencils.  While I enjoyed the colors the pencils provided, I clearly have a LONG way to go before I really understand how to use watercolors.

I like the detail I was able to get in the butterfly, but sadly, the flower appears to have been done by a 2nd grade version of myself.  I just couldn’t seem to find the right way to add detail to the flowers and it ended up looking like a colored mess.  Well, this was a first try, so here’s to hoping the next one gets better!

If any of you use watercolor pencils and have some helpful tips or advice, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Keep Drawing!


2 thoughts on “First Watercolor Sketch

  1. Good for you, doing it! Couple things that may help you bring to watercolor the mastery you exhibit in your sketches. First, take a look at my friend’s blog: for how she uses color with her figures. Second, use your watercolor pencil just as you would your regular graphite only difference is you’re color coding, cross hatching in color, shading in color. For stronger color, let it dry and add another layer. Third, the paper really has to be accepting of watercolor – 140 lb cold press is recommended, otherwise you may not get the pigment to react with the paper and that’s part of the watercolor process. Once again, good going! Great first attempt. Your butterfly looks good!

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  2. This looks like a great start! I love the butterfly. I wonder whether experimenting with putting darker tones into the flower and stem (maybe purples or blues?) might give you what you’re looking for… Happy experimenting.

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